DEP 4053
SPRING 2012: Mondays 12:00 PM - 2:45 PM

TEXTBOOK: DeHart, Sroufe, & Cooper's companion web site.  Includes chapter outlines, chapter objectives, interactive exercises, web resources, and links to news articles and web articles involving developmental psychology.

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Clicking on the links below will take you to comprehensive sites dedicated to Developmental Psychology as well as Web pages of faculty members doing research in Developmental Psychology.

Judith Becker Bryant - USF faculty member and Area Director (Cognitive and Neural Sciences) whose research interests include the following: Language Development, Pragmatics, Language and Social Competence, Family Influences, and Literacy in Spanish-English Bilingual Children.

Dr. Ellis Gesten - USF faculty member whose research interests include the following: Social problem-solving and communication skills in children and families, preventive intervention research, psychotherapy process and outcome

Dr. Vicky Phares - USF faculty member whose research interests include the following: Developmental psychopathology, fathers' involvement in child and adolescent psychopathology, family functioning.

Dr. Tiina Ojanen - USF faculty member whose research focuses on social development during middle childhood, adolescence, and college years.

Society for Research in Child Development

 Physical Knowledge in Infancy: Modern methods of studying object permanance

Chicken Wire Mother - An in-depth exploration into Harry Harlow's rhesus monkey experiments involving attachment in regard to personality development.

International Society for Infant Studies - An organization devoted exclusively to basic and applied infant research from around the globe. Includes listings of
     conferences, relevant journals, and how to become a member.

Developmental Psychology - Division 7 of the APA is exclusively devoted to Developmental Psychology.

  Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice: American Psychological Association (Division 37)

  Child, Youth, & Family Public Interest Directive: American Psychological Association

Baby Web - The Baby Web provides information for parents on how to raise a baby and what to expect as the baby develops. 

Family Planet - A family-oriented site with stuff for just the kids too. Provides research and commentary from parents and child
     experts on raising children.

Albert Bandura: A Study of the Man and his Works - A breakdown of the specifics involved in the infamous Bobo doll experiment and other relevant theories and works.

Tufts University's Child & FamilyWebGuide - Contains over 150 sites on various topics of interest to students, is unique in that it evaluates the credibility of sites using criteria suggested by leading child development researchers.

GMUS's Online Resources for Developmental Psychology - This site is similar to the Tuft's University site and is a resource for human development students,
instructors, and parents.

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