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Clicking on these links will take you to comprehensive sites dedicated to Cognitive Psychology as well as Web pages of faculty members doing research in the area of Cognitive Psychology.

   Emanuel Donchin - USF faculty member  and Department Chair whose research research interest include the following: cognitive psychophysiology.

   Thomas Sanoki - USF faculty member whose research interests include the following: Scene Perception, Object Recognition, Visual Attention, the Time Course of Perception, Computation Models of Perception and Cognition, Reading and Learning to Read, Processing Consequences of the Self-schema.
  Toru Shimizu  - USF faculty member whose research interests include the following: Comparative Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Physiological Psychology, Methods in Neurosciences, and Neuroscience Seminar.


The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book.  Explore some of the most interesting visual phenomena all in one place on the web. Contains an extensive library of visual illusions and phenomena that

     are recreated using computers. Excellent!
The San Francisco Exploratorium: Illusion, Vision, and Perceptual Examples:  A very neat link to some interesting sensation and perception activities from the Exploratorium in San Francisco.
Color Vision: the module does feature an interactive additive color mixer, a java applet that allows students to explore the sensitivity of various types of cone, and several interactive features that go beyond the material in an ordinary textbook.
o  The Senses Challenge: This is a test of you perceptual knowledge.
Center for Sensation and Perception- This site displays many resources for psychology students and is maintained by Athabasca University. Go here to see actual experiments and to participate.
Visual Illustrations and Demonstrations - Here is collection of slides that can be used as illustrations and demonstrations for sensation and perception.
Psychological Tutorials and Demonstrations - This is a page that contains links to hypertext tutorials in psychology.
Sensation and Perception Jeopardy - Go here to play the ever popular game "Jeopardy" with psychology facts and terms.
Center for Sensory Research and Applications - The Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring the chemical senses at every level, from molecular to behavioral.
Sensation and Perception Tutorials - Here is a small collection of tutorials and demonstrations related to our senses.Choose a topic and have fun.
Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena -  Over 55 optical issusions.

Look at the upper right figure.This experiment works better if you close one eye. Fixate on the black dot in the center for about 10 - 15 seconds.
Pay close attention to what you see. Now do the same thing with the upper left figure. Did you notice any difference? In the accompanying explanation I tell you what most people see and the reason for it.

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